Our focus

Your Fitness. Your Nutrition. In Our Judgement-Free Atmosphere.

Constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. It’s a core strength and conditioning program that’s easily modified for your individual fitness level.


Incredible fitness, done at your own speed, while having an incredible amount of fun. No yelling, no screaming, just motivation. Come ready to flip tires, swing a kettlebell, throw a ball against a wall or even drag a tire! Every day is different!

Sweat Box

This is fast becoming a favorite class! It’s a combo of TRX, Bosu training, low weight/high reps and HIIT workouts. You’ll never know what to expect. Every move is easily modified for your fitness level.

Open GYM

We realize “life gets in the way” sometimes. We happily offer open gym times. Please check our schedule!

Your Nutrition

Lose weight? Tone and tighten? Reboot your metabolism? Does any of this sound like one of your goals? Coach Martha offers two distinct, customized food/nutrition plans. Click here for more info and PROVEN RESULTS!


Can’t make it to our gym? Already have a gym membership but want a customized program that you can apply in any gym or at home? Click here for more info and pricing!

About CrossFit Atmosphere

Any Fitness Level Welcome

Not every CrossFit gym is the same! We pride ourselves on an ego-free atmosphere and have spent the last three years building a friendly, motivational and welcoming gym. Going to the gym shouldn't be intimidating. And most of all you should NOT feel like you have to be "in shape" to walk thru the door! You'll love the atmosphere!!

  • 100% FUN and challenging
  • 80% Your Nutrition
  • 0% Drama and Ego

Our Team

Coach Martha
Owner, CrossFit Coach, Olympic Lifting Coach, Nutrition Coach
Martha owns CrossFit Atmosphere (formerly known as Fentress Crossfit) and coaches afternoon/evening classes (CrossFit, Sweatbox, Bootcamp and 50+FIT). She is Level 1 Certified and Olympic Weightlifting Certified. In a year of crossfit and clean eating Martha lost 55 pounds and by following other FENTRESS programming (Bootcamp and Sweatbox) Martha recently shaved off another 35 pounds.
Coach Jason
CrossFit Coach
Jason is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and coaches evenings at CrossFit Atmosphere. For 22 years he’s been an avid weightlifter and runner, participating in numerous bench press and CrossFit competitions, marathons, 10k, 8K, and 5K
Coach Laura
CrossFit Coach
Coach Laura oversees both dayside and nightside crossfit classes. She also teaches the Women’s Only Bootcamp on T/TH at 9:30am
Coach Alex
CrossFit Coach
Coach Joe
Olympic Lifting Coach
Kathryn Stewart
Personal Trainer
Kathryn is certified in IFTA Fitness Yoga, IFTA Personal Trainer and has her CrossFit Level 1 Cert.


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